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I’m even more excited to let you know I believe our best years are ahead of us. Our technology platform is now leading the industry along with Solutions programs to help our customers operate and succeed in growing sales and profits. 

My background in Merchandising and Sales gives me the opportunity to partner with customers to help provide cost of goods savings for their establishments. I am able to do this through the 21 years of relationships with Suppliers in our industry.  

Sysco East Texas is also in a unique position in our industry. While most distributors are searching for ways to reduce SKU’s and consolidate items, we are able to bring in that item(s) that is crucial for your business and your success. Our goal is to partner with you to make sure you have exactly what you need. 

I’m proud to have the opportunity to lead our Team. There is a great culture at Sysco East Texas. People love to come to work every day and they are committed to doing whatever is needed to satisfy our customers. 

Our vision at Sysco East Texas is “To be our customers most valued and trusted business partner. “

We will do everything we can to fulfill our vision. 

I look forward to meeting you and working together to help you accomplish your vision and your goals.

Don Connell
Sysco East Texas